Raw Beauty Series no. 5

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Vibrant and bold textures capture nature's untamed essence on raw cotton canvas. Acrylic abstraction can hang vertically or horizontally to suit your space.

Hand-painted with acrylic and sand.

20”x20” canvas, 1.5 inches thick, with a walnut floating frame. 


This series delves into the raw, unfiltered layers that form our identities. Each layer reflects our journey, showcasing the beauty in our complexities and personal growth. They symbolize our experiences—the triumphs, mistakes, and relationships that shape us.

These works invite introspection, encouraging viewers to peel back their own layers and embrace their true selves. This process, though daunting, is essential for self-discovery and authenticity. It is through this vulnerability that we understand who we genuinely are, shedding superficiality to reveal our core.

Life is too short to be anything but authentic. This series calls us to celebrate our raw beauty, welcome those meant to stay in our lives, and let go of those who don't resonate with our true selves.

In these layers lies an unrefined beauty—a testament to our resilience and evolution. My art captures this essence, portraying layers as integral to who we are and who we are destined to become. Embrace these layers without fear, for in our authenticity, we find our greatest strength and beauty.