artist statement

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” – Edward Hopper

Inspired by the healing power of nature and the belief that challenges serve as guides to redirect our paths, my work embodies a profound connection to the transformative energy of the natural world. This perspective infuses my creative process with a sense of purpose, infusing each stroke and texture with the essence of resilience and rebirth.

My creative journey begins with always experimenting, exploring and evolving. The current Earth Grounding series is a process of crafting flour crackle on raw recycled cotton canvas, a meticulous three-day procedure that forms the foundation of my artistic expression. Each step is carefully orchestrated, from the detailed preparation of the canvas to the precise application of flour paste and the subsequent delicate wash that reveals the intricate crackle patterns. As the canvas is delicately stretched over the bars, aligning with the flow of the crackle dye within, a world of creative possibilities unfolds through the stroke of the paint brush or movement of texture. 

Drawing from my background as an interior designer, I recognize that my art is never in isolation but an integral part of a larger design narrative. This insight enables a deep understanding of the language and intricacies of design, fostering a collaborative synergy between my creative vision and the specific needs of clients and projects. Embracing this collaborative spirit, I seek to coalesce art and design into a harmonious fusion that not only speaks to aesthetic sensibilities but also serves as a catalyst for transformative spaces. Through my art, I aspire to ignite a sense of harmony and balance that resonates with both the individual and the environments they inhabit.